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Bringing Bathroom Wall and Ceiling Cladding to the UK…

Bathroom Cladding Direct was founded to help bring this relatively new product to the UK DIY market. Bathroom cladding is the easier alternative to tiling. As our slogan says “it’s stylish, it lasts a lifetime, your dad could fit it…”

What we mean by this is that cladding is no longer associated with cheap-looking wood-effect panels that adorned many of our houses in this country during the 60s and 70s. Today, cladding is a great way to get stylish results without the need to hire tradesmen to fit it. The panels slot together like wood flooring and can be adhered to the wall surface using either nails or glue, making them easier to install, and easier to remove, than tiles.

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REMEMBER! We understand that no one wants to rush into deciding on a colour scheme for their bathroom, and sometimes it can be difficult to picture how designs look on a computer screen, so we offer free samples of all of our designs to help you decide.