How Many Do I Need?

It’s pretty easy to work it out…

Most of our Bathroom Wall Cladding measures the same:

Length: 2.6m (PLEASE NOTE: Some ceiling cladding comes in 3m lengths also)
Width: 25cm (PLEASE NOTE: Grooved cladding is only 20cm wide)
Thickness: 8mm

The length of 2.6m will be sufficient to cover the height of most bathroom walls. The width of 25cm means that 4x panels equals 1m in with. So, if the area you’re looking to decorate is 2m wide, you will need 8 panels.

The diagram below should help to explain this.

The combined widths of the walls to be decorated above are 795cm. This is just under 8m. Remember, 4x panels equals 1m in width, so you will need to purchase 32 panels. The height of the bathroom is 2m, meaning our 2.6m lengths will cover this.

If you’re in any doubt, please get in touch